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Tuesday Tunes: Peter Katz – “Posters”

The first time I heard Peter Katz was on CBC Radio 3. It was a pleasant evening and I was winding down with a glass of wine, school work from University and the radio to keep me company. When his song “Posters” came on the radio, the lyrics basically stopped me in my tracks. I was so taken up with his music that I bought his CD the very next day. Originally from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Peter Katz has been nominated for the 2012 JUNO Nominee, Emerging Artist of the Year nominee at the Canadian Folk Music Awards and Winner of the CBC Galaxie Rising Star Award. His contemporary folk music can truly captivate any audience. I would describe his music as ‘relatable’, ‘descriptive’, ‘smooth’ and filled with such ‘fluidity’. Like butter melting/sliding across a hot pan..(not literally…but feels like that). Expect nothing less than goose bumps all over.

His most recent releases are “First of the Last to Know” (2010), “Peter Katz + Friends: Live at the Music Gallery” (2010) and “Still Mind Still” (2012). Other releases can also be found here. Currently, he is on tour with Canadian co-headline artist Emma-Lee. I can’t wait for them to return to Toronto for a show, because I will definitely be making it out there! Anyway, to all my lovely readers – Happy Tuesday and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


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