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Tuesday Tunes: Rose Cousins – “All the time it takes to wait”

First of all I ABSOLUTELY love her voice and secondly, she is CANADIAN! I love supporting local talent (there is no secret there). As a matter of fact that statement should not even be included in brackets. Who doesn’t like supporting local talent, am I right or am I right? “Anyway, enough of my babble. If you have not already had a chance to hear Rose Cousins, she is a Canadian folk-pop singer-songwriter. Born and raised in Prince Edward Island, she is currently based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia” (CBC Radio 3). I fell in love with her music when I discovered her last year. It was Christmas time I think and there was baking involved and now I am addicted. She reminds me of a younger Joni Mitchell, who incidentally also happens to be Canadian (yay… go team Canada!).

All the time it takes to wait” is a collaborated effort presented by Rose Cousins and Royal Wood (also Canadian singer songwriter/producer based in Toronto, Ontario). Their harmony is matched perfectly in this reflective work of art. Rose Cousins also accepted the Juno Award last month for Solo Roots & Traditional Album of the Year for the intimate record “We Have Made a Spark” at the Juno Gala, which is now available for purchase. Her song “Go First” was also featured on the popular TV show “Grey’s Anatomy“. Personally, to me she is a breath of fresh air, a sweeping scent of daisies and I hope to meet her someday, very soon (P.S. if you are reading this by any chance, please come to Toronto and perform!).


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