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Prairie Girl Bakery

During my routine “research” (which usually involves me browsing the internet and being nosey on other people’s blogs) I stumbled upon a cupcake shop. Rather a list of cupcake shops. But this shop known as the Prairie Girl Bakery in particular caught my eye. I know there are tons of cupcake shops in the city to choose from, so what is so different about this one right? Well let me explain: on one of my usual visits to the city, I had a hankering for a cupcake and in the event of discovering a nearby shop, my findings soon led me to the realization that locating a cupcake shop in the heart of the city deemed next to impossible. According to my handy dandy iphone, most of the best shops were either located all the way down Yonge St. or out by the Beaches. Seriously?

For any working person or city person or Toronotinian alike, this fact may come as a real shocker (cue: gasp!). Owning a vehicle or relying solely on public transportation may or may not solve the problem. But if you are much like me, and living on the go is your personal mantra, then you and I both know that nobody has time (in the real sense) to travel out of town for a 2.50$ worth of a cupcake. Unless it was adorned with swarovski crystals and Channing Tatum himself were handing them out on a silver platter.

So you can understand my state of enthusiasm when I chanced upon this lovely and quaint little shop, neatly tucked away in some random corner of the street. Ok maybe not that random and not so tucked away…it is actually located on Victoria St. off King East and has received many rave reviews. So I figured, I’d put my taste buds to the test. Or should I say my sweet tooth?

 photo DSC_0374_zps2c3ef270.jpg

The location was easy to find and accessible (I arrived on foot). Their prices are economical, the frosting is simple yet flavourful and practically melts the second you put it in your mouth. The cupcakes are baked fresh daily (can’t go wrong with that) and the choices are limitless: from Red Velvet Cream Cheese to Vanilla Lemon (my personal favourite) to Banana Peanut Butter to weekly specials like Tiramisu.

 photo DSC_0376_zpsece40eb6.jpg

 photo DSC_0383_zpse921d05f.jpg

 photo DSC_0385_zps49756aa6.jpg

 photo DSC_0387_zps88ff2c9d.jpg

 photo DSC_0388_zpsd5556894.jpg

This has definitely climbed my charts on the favourite dessert list and I’m sure I’ll be back for another round. As for my family, I’m sure they wouldn’t complain either for they indulged in every last morsel as much as I did.

Which is your favourite cupcake shop? Which flavours would you recommend? Have you come across any secret hideway cupcake shops that you would be willing to share?

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