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you and I are made for each other

 I am not sure what I was thinking of exactly when I woke up on this day, other than the need to feel ladylike and dolled up. I guess we all have those days. But this day was special and I felt like a kid in a candy store. This day was my first legitimate outfit post (of which I am sure plenty more are to come, but still I had take it in the moment right?), as well as a friend’s engagement party, which only validated the fact that yes I need to celebrate in style. So jumping on the opportune occassion, I took the liberty of resembling what these two couples embody: total opposites, but absolutely made for each other.

Quite naturally, when choosing this outfit I decided upon two contrasts that in reality are at opposite ends of the spectrum but in a sense are made for each other: Lace & Polkadots

(Skirt, Top & Ring: H&M, Jacket: Winners, Shoes: Nygard, Clutch: BCBGeneration, Bangle: Mom’s)

As I already mentioned this is my first attempt at putting an outfit post together. So I certainly did spend some time the night before (ok maybe two) browsing through my closet to have a coordinated outfit at hand. But sometimes I love pairing two stand alone pieces that independently carry their own charm, but when paired together brings out a  whole new perspective. It felt as if the whole universe existed in that one moment to bring them even closer, much like the duo I spent the evening with.

In other words, I wanted some thought to go in the selection process, but for the most part, when it comes to my wardrobe, I like letting the pieces I select speak for themselves.

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