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Bon Appetit…Korean BBQ Style!

So I know I should have blogged about this ages ago, but my day job has been taking up the extra time that I had conveniently devoted to keep aside for my posts on here. Though I do believe in the positive quote of better late than never. It was another cold winter Saturday (quite the opposite of today’s weather actually). Nevertheless, it didn’t stop us foodie lovers from venturing outside and dishing out our inner bbq chefs. Not the usual style bbq you would think of though. This time Korean food at the restaurant Chako was on the menu.

I definitely have experienced my fair share of Korean BBQ restaurants in the city before, but I have to admit this restaurant in particular takes Korean BBQ to a whole new level. The overall service was what made my evening. Our waiter who served us goes by the name of Sam could seriously win a smiling contest. No kidding. His smiles were contagious. He was always on top of his waitering skills and he was just so upbeat. I couldn’t help but be nice to him and I hope he serves me again if and when I return. The food is all you can eat meat. And though I am not a BIG meat lover myself, there was a decent range of vegetables and tofu to choose from. One debbie downer – there was no bubble tea! Which I was a bit surprised to learn.

Waiting for the food to cook.

Grilled red peppers and tofu anyone?

Some very hot stuff:

Pretty drinks to cool us down with. Still wishing for bubble tea at this point.

All in all, it was a great deal. Not too expensive.  A lot of food. A me. The service is worth coming back for. I would absolutely recommend this restaurant to any one who is considering giving Korean BBQ worth a try. As you can tell, we were happy campers when we left.

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