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Love me tender, love me sweet (Part 1)

With Fashion Week being only a few weeks away, my quest to find a suitable outfit is growing hauntingly stronger. Yes ladies and gents, I will be attending and unfortunately that post will have to wait for later in March. Anyway, getting back to mission outfit.. I ransacked my closet yesterday. Twice. Not to mention the stack that hides somewhere in the secret spot of your room that you don’t want others touching. And though I am guilty as charged for hanging items with tags still attached to them (I know I am not alone here), I feel in my current state of being lost in awesome wonder, my clothes just won’t do. So my next best bet was to pillage some sources of inspiration to get the inner wheels turning and what better place to turn to than the runway itself. So when I came across some of these outfits that not only transcend time but location, I just had to post about it. However, my findings spilled over and became a montage of runway galore. So bear with me as there will be two whole wonderful parts to this post.

Here is a breakdown in case you find yourself in a similar pickle as I am…

They call this Colour Theory.

Bomber Deluxe.

White Outs & Delicates.

Candy Stripers & Monochrome.

Graphic Designs.

So there you have it folks, these were some of my favourites. Especially that striped gown by Oscar (scream). Although, given our current weather conditions I may have to take a raincheck, no snowcheck? Is that a word? I think I just made that up. What are some of your favourite recent trends?

Sources: Harpers Bazaar Glamour Magazine UK

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