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London Grammar

What I love about culture the most is the evolution and the variety it has to offer. It is meant to be individualistic. So my taste in music is just as individualistic as my style is and the same must go for you. Speaking of individualistic…I just came across this trio band from London. If you haven’t heard of them already they are known as London Grammar with Hannah Reid on vocals. Boy did they capture my soul. I had goosebumps. I am getting goosebumps as I write about it still. As I listened to them last night, I found their  music to be soulful and gripping. Their music is new, refreshing and a slice of contemporary meets indie rock. They only have two tracks out so far, which are only available for purchasing in the UK, but I am hoping it will make it’s way to us North Americans sooner than later.

What I realize the most is that there is so much talent around us. Worldwide. And sometimes in our own backyard. Isn’t it wonderful when we just serendipitously collide with new and evolving culture?

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